Aug 09, 2010
Bang Bang Bang Bang
Boundzound - Bang (Jean Elan Remix)

The proper use of vocals does so much for a track. Take a kinda regular sounding song and add an incredible vocal, and you usually end up with something pretty solid. Boundzound’s Bang, remixed by Jean Elan, kicks things off right with a great beat and a smattering of vocal samples. It isn’t until the female vocal begins, though, that you get an inkling that this might not be your average house song. In fact, it’s far from that. At 2:16 we begin on the journey upward, encountering some serious vocal harmonies on our way to the peak. The wicked, emotional ascent sounds like something you’d hear at the height of a Swedish House Mafia set and provides that epic club feeling that is hard to grow tired of. Finally, at long last, we have a drop that will inevitably set fire to dancefloors everywhere. Get ready for one serious house bomb, people.

Jean Elan is said to be extremely influenced by the culture and people of Berlin, one of the major EDM capitals of the world. He’s worked closely with the Swedish House Mafia on several remixes (you should not find this surprising) and has put out a tremendous amount of absolute hits. He’s also gained critical acclaim through his long-standing advisory position with the record label Ministry of Sound, which remains one of the strongest EDM brands to this day. It’s often difficult to describe the sort of epic club sound heard in this track, which is why I was relieved to find this little piece on his MySpace biography: “…the sound and tempo of large metropolises can be felt in his tracks, whether it is, for example Moscow or New York, both of which are places he has learned to love.” I’ll have me some of that metropolis sound any day.

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