Jun 09, 2011
Banana Man
Benny Benassi feat Gary Go - Control (Original Mix) [Ultra]
Benny Benassi - Automatic B (Original Mix) [Ultra]
Benny Benassi feat Shanell - Rather Be (Original Mix) [Ultra]

Perhaps the most recognizable name in the genre and maybe EDM as a whole, Italy’s Benny Benassi has been an electro house rock star since its inception with his legendary hit Satisfaction; in fact, it has been stated that Satisfaction may have been the first true “electro house” track ever produced. Quenching this summer’s growing appetite for beats, Benny released his long awaited Electroman album featuring many of America’s top pop artists including T-Pain, The Ying Yang twins, and Chris Brown , who showed off some of his moves in the Beautiful People music video (below).

One thing right off the back you’ll notice is what a fun album Electroman is. You can really tell Benassi was enjoying himself producing these catchy tracks, and that he was excited by the newly cemented appreciation for dance music in the American mainstream. A great collection of his recent releases including the insane Skrillex remix of Benny’s Cinema featuring Gary Go, Electroman has truly has something for everyone on it.

Adept at implementing sexual innuendo into dancefloor hits for nearly a decade now, Benny continues this trend with opening track Good Girl. Continuing, there’s more collaborations with Jean-Baptiste and a few more catchy house jams like Control by Gary Go and Shanell’s Rather Be. My personal favorites are the massive non-vocal club bangers Automatic B and the heavily acidic tune House Music. These two seriously ravey gems were tried and test at this year’s Miami Ultra Music Festival, where Benny showcased this album on the mainstage and tore the crowd up.

Taking his name to the next level, Benny Benassi’s Electroman is right on time for the summer and invites a wider audience to the genre. Although it lures in a more mainstream audience by featuring the pop artists that we all know, the album is quite enjoyable. One question still remains that I’m trying to wrap my head around: why do electro artists like Dada Life and Benny glorify the image of a giant banana?

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