Aug 18, 2013
Balance Presents Guy J
Juan Deminicis - Once Upon A Time (Guy J Remix) [Balance]
Way Out West - Killa (Guy J Remix) [Balance]
Secret Cinema & Roger Martinez - Menthol Raga [Balance]

The Balance Series, known to be pristine in quality and originality, is a way in which a select few high caliber artists allow us a look into their wildest imaginations. On the newest installment of Balance Presents, Israeli producer Guy J achieves one of the best mixes in the series to date.

Intrigued by the classic Bedrock style of “intro, build-up, give you a taste of peak time and then finish it off” mixing style, Guy J delivers a story of progression and evolution in his music that contours between progressive house and dubbed out techno. On his newest masterpiece made for the Balance Series, Guy J has gathered some of his most beloved tracks by other producers and recreated them through the vision of his own stunning sound, reconstructing them to create a truly unique and uplifting thirteen track symphony.

“The idea of my mix for Balance is not to give just a regular mix of 80 minutes” Guy explains, “but to create, write and produce it.” This meant sourcing original tracks from friends and colleagues to work his magic on, as well as editing tracks less close to home and seeking permission to use them in his own special way. “I wanted to make it more special; to give the people who listen to it something that will be worth the time and creativity. Remaking tracks and remixing all thirteen of them to give a story is a hard mission–but I used every second I had to produce these tracks and to listen to what I had made.”

The story kicks off like the start of a fairy tale as Once Upon A Time drifts us on a sultry path of deep drums and emotive riffs, before Navar’s Phases Of Grief tapers along a seductive bassline and whispering vocals that entrap the senses. Energy heightens with the head-bumping deep tech house groove of Pavel Petrov’s Fever, which is beautifully decorated with the Good Life a cappella. Then Charles Webster’s massive mix of Lanoiraude’s Waitin’ glides in with rich, ambient strings and glistening keys.

At the middle of the mix the temperature soars back down with Dactilar’s Day One, an enchanting minimal track whose beat simmers down to near-nothingness. Guy J is expert in crafting a subtle roller-coaster of soaring motifs and heart-wrenching crescendos as Perpetual slowly blossoms out of its angelic gloom. To lift our spirits back up, Guy Mantzur’s I’m Your Country hits hard with rapacious bass and atmospheric breakdowns, leaving a little room for Killa’s absolutely killer big-room bass and bewitching synths that you’ll find yourself lost in. We mustn’t forget Robert Babicz’s Duba; its swirling, ethereal synths provide for another beatless beauty to send tingles down your spine.

Purchase Balance Presents Guy J in the Balance online store, and be sure to catch Guy J on his current tour.

Guy J International Tour Dates
August 25 Maidstone, England @ Source
August 30 Mexico City, Mexico @ TBA
August 31 San Jose, Costa Rica @ Vertigo
September 06 Bogota, Colombia @ Baum
September 07 Cali, Colombia @ Bar Hotel
September 10 Ibiza, Spain @ Space
September 14 Amserfoort, Holland @ Woods Festival
September 21 Dusseldorf, Germany @ The Attic
October 26 London, England @ Alexandra Palace (ABGT050)

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