Dec 15, 2015
Bag Raiders Return To Disco Form On ‘Friend Inside’ EP
Bag Raiders - Friend Inside (Original Mix) [Modular]
Bag Raiders - Footprints (Original Mix) [Modular]
Bag Raiders - Silverwood (Original Mix) [Modular]

Sydney nu disco connoisseurs Bag Raiders are serving up their Friend Inside EP and the retro feels are exactly what we’ve been missing from music lately.

Never straying too far from their island roots, they fill the title track with plucky, sun-kissed percussive elements that have been layered against funky, low-slung synth lines. The lyrics don’t carry quite the staying power of their iconic hit Shooting Stars, but they’ll attach themselves to your consciousness nevertheless.

Footprints sounds like something you’d hear out of the French Touch era of music, brimming with rich bass guitar grooves and rubbery synths that would make even Daft Punk nod in approval. Silverwood continues with a similar nostalgic tone but favors a purely instrumental approach in place of the previous tracks’ vocal-led direction.

Friend Inside EP is a welcome return to a more disco and funk-oriented mentality, which will surely make it a dancefloor staple in no time. Grab your copy via Modular here.

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