May 13, 2011
Back to School
Schoolboy - Checkmate (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich feat Sue Cho - Hello (Schoolboy Remix) [Big Fish]
Schoolboy - Always Be There (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]

Attention ladies and gentlemen, Schoolboy has entered the building and he’s brought with him a distinctly fresh sound to the wobbly world we have all come to love. The man is close friends with none other than dubstep superstar Skrillex, and the influences of that relationship can definitely be heard throughout these tracks. Ready for some absolute doozies? K–let’s go.

One great attribute about music is that it’s always there for you whenever you need it. Hell, we all know how often we’ve depended on it to get through tough times. Always Be There, the first track on this post, is a musical embodiment of the best friend you need to help you push through. It’s an emotional empathizer and carries a forceful re-stabilizing punch to set you back onto steady ground. Bits of traditional house-style piano mix together with some wobbles and a supple vocal sample to deliver a dancefloor destroyer. Get those lighters up.

Ever felt like a song had you in Checkmate? You know what I’m talking about–that entrancing invisible force that sucks your entire being into a track, keeping you uncontrollably hooked? Yeah, that’s what this one will do to you as it proceeds to cleanse you through destructive wobbles and chill beats. It’s even got some 8-bit sounding synths in there!

Finally, we arrive at Schoolboy’s take on Hello, the track that earned the #8 spot on our 2010 Top 15 Electro House Tracks. Spinning it entirely his own way with a totally unique sound, Schoolboy has created a track destined for great things in the months to come.

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