Jul 15, 2011
Back to Back
John Dahlback - Kairo (OHHNO! Refix)
John Dahlback - Back to the Dancefloor (Halbro Remix) [PinkStar]

Sweden’s iconic John Dahlback, whom we recently interviewed, has had quite an active year after a rather quiet 2010, blasting back into the house world with his melody-driven Kairo. Since then, he’s received a plethora of acknowledgement for his return in tthe most sincere form of flattery in EDM: remixes. It means your sound is not only well-received, but so loved by producers that they’d like to add onto it.

First up is a remix of none other than Kairo, which as Toothless put it, has some incredibly original synth lines that never get old. I couldn’t agree more, and neither could Australian 18 year-old duo OHHNO! (pictured above) who spiced up the original with a catchy stop-and-go groove best suited for electrified stages. Our second remix here is teched-out, trancey take on Dahlback’s older Back to the Dancefloor by Halbro of Scientific Devil fame. The drop at around four minutes will definitely take you back to the dancefloor and beyond.

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