Nov 28, 2010
Back In Action
Umek & Beltek - Back In The Race (Original Mix) [Cr2]

After several collaborative hits such as Army Of Two, Umek and Beltek are at it again. They are continuing with their experimenting, challenging every excising cliché in the music industry. This time around, they dish out another tasty track titled Back In The Race.

I love tracks like these because they confuse the hell out of people, making them wonder what genre they belong to–I say, “who cares; it’s great music!” Back In The Race is awesome with its throbbing bassline and grumbly tech groove. Staying true to their previous creative processes, Umek and Beltek are at the same time evolving that Slovenian sound with a whole new approach. This time, they’re likely to make an even bigger impact on the EDM world than they have before.

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