Sep 05, 2010
Back & Forth to the Future
Fedde le Grand - Rockin' High (Original Mix)
Fedde le Grand feat Mr. V.I. - Back & Forth (Fedde's Future Funk Remix)

Over the past few years, the name Fedde Le Grand has become synonymous with quality house music. His career took off with the release of the 2006 single Puts Your Hands Up For Detroit and the Dutch producer hasn’t looked back since. In 2009 all of his hard work payed off when he was voted DJMag’s 29th best DJ in the world alongside the release of his first full length album, Output. His beats thrive on innovation and fresh sounds but what allows Fedde to excel in such a saturated modern EDM scene is his constant ability to still encapsulate familiarity in all of his tunes.

First is a track that was highlighted on his recent artist album. Rockin’ High exemplifies Fedde’s astounding ability to give you your favorite song that you’ve never heard. This robo-fied rave-inducing track is energetic from start to finish. The computer driven lyricist throughout may be a bit of a house music cliche, but Fedde absolutely makes it work. Very recently the remix EP for this track hit the streets, and while the Benny Benassi and Nicky Romero remixes carry their own certain punch, the original of this song tends to rock me just a little bit higher.

Additionally I’m posting Fedde’s own remix of Back & Forth. The original version of this track also appeared on Output, and served as a techy underground house-anthem. The remix though, is titled Fedde’s Future Funk Remix, which winds up being surprisingly accurate. I love how the Dutch producer was able to take the most basic tool in a house song, the kick drum, and completely redesign it from the ground up. The result is one of the funkiest beats I’ve heard in 2010. In recent years Fedde has proved that he is one of the few producers that not only manages to think outside of the box with his tracks, but still values and prioritizes crisp and quality productions.

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