Jun 16, 2011
Back for Good
Andain - Promises (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) [Black Hole]
Andain - Promises (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Intro Mix) [Black Hole]
Andain - Promises (Secret Panda Society Remix) [Black Hole]

In the words of Above & Beyond at the Los Angeles Palladium, “Gabriel & Dresden are back, thank f*ck!” Last New Years Eve marked the glorious reunion of San Francisco’s world famous Gabriel & Dresden. Known for some of last decade’s greatest trance hits like Tracking Treasure Down, As the Rush Comes, and their remix of Above & Beyond’s No One On Earth, this unstoppable team is back with massive new vocal piece Promises.

Carrying their legendary Andain project into the new decade, the new single’s original is a refined chillout instrumental with the heartfelt vocals of the beautiful Mavie Marcos (video below). Dropping in pounding club beats, their Gabriel & Dresden remix features an outstanding half-time slowdown during the bridge. As the native San Franciscans that they are, I have to wonder if the dubstep beats echoing in the city influenced that a bit.

Delivering their trademark sound to the soothing tune, Hungary’s Myon & Shane 54 injected a supremely catchy beat into their remix. However, what perhaps stands out most on the release is the unexpected dubstep remix by Secret Panda Society. Having remixed My Friend by Josh Gabriel’s Winter Kills, the Pandas added a very agreeable vocal effect to their bass-hungry contribution.

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