Jul 02, 2010
Babylon One
Swedish House Mafia - One (Congorock Remix)

The scene: Electric Daisy Carnival 2010, Saturday, main stage, front and center.

As the <3 team and I watch one the most intense sets of our lives – courtesy of Laidback Luke – the immortal anthemic melody of Swedish House Mafia's ONE begins to roll into the beats. Immediately, I turn to Proto; this would be the third time that song was played on the main stage that day. We exchanged puzzled looks as he leans closer to me and whispers (yells), "I really hope this is a remix."

I don't know if it was divine intervention, coincidence or Laidback Luke's super-powered hearing, but that wish was answered. Not half a minute after those words left Proto's mouth, there's something wrong with ONE. It broke down far too early, there were unfamiliar noises in the beats and an undeniable buzz was filling the air. Then, it dropped.

Officially released just a week ago, Congorock’s remix of SHM’s summer epic adds a mean, electrifying edge to an otherwise massive track. Actually, it pretty much mashes up Babylon with One; the driving breakdown is eerily similar to Congorock’s own smashing single. Nevertheless, it’s a match made in heaven, as the synergy of a true anthem melody and some down n’ dirty beats swirl together in a storm of crowd-destroying goodness… and believe me, the crowd was more than destroyed.

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