Jul 01, 2014
Baauer Drops Bangin’ New Track ‘Clang’
Baauer - Clang (Original Mix) [LuckyMe]
Baauer - The Making Of...

Everyone’s favorite Harlem shaker Baauer returns today with Clang, his first solo venture since last December’s Good 2 U for LuckyMe.

Dude’s kept a pretty low profile following the insane crossover success of last year’s Harlem Shake, but one need only to skim through his output in the time since to see that he’s no one-hit wonder or one-trick pony. Trap music doesn’t generally trade in subtlety, but Clang is a deceptively simple beat built around fat and juicy bass anchored by syncopated percussion elements of unknown origin, delightfully warped and repurposed as hooks in their own right.

In addition to Clang, Baauer also uploaded an incomprehensible, err, track? called The Making Of…, ostensibly explaining how Clang came to be. There’s no word on an official release just yet, so stay tuned.

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