Dec 29, 2015
Baauer, Chet Faker & More Remix Shlohmo’s ‘Dark Red’ LP
Shlohmo - Slow Descent (Jim E-Stack Remix) [Free Download]
Shlohmo - Ten Days of Falling (Jacques Greene Remix) [Free Download]
Shlohmo - Ten Days of Falling (Baauer Remix) [Free Download]
Shlohmo - Remains (Chet Faker Vocal Dub) [Free Download]

Shlohmo’s 2015 Dark Red album showcased an impressive array of diverse and deep sounds. Now, he’s recruited an all-star cast of Baauer, Chet Faker, Jacques Greene, and Jim-E Stack for his new four-track Dark Red Remixes EP.

Stack’s take on Slow Descent is a pleasantly disarming soul groove featuring various percussive elements rattling against an ambient bassline. Ten Days of Falling gets two separate takes from Jacques Greene and Baauer. The former is a supple groove, made so by pendulum-style breaks against a simmering lead synth. Baauer goes less Harlem Shake and more Harlem soul as he delivers a track soaked in ambient feels and a glistening, pop-aimed funk. Chet Faker closes out the series by swirling his own top-line vocals into the mix on Remains, which actually opens up the production a bit and gives it profoundly heaving and yearning quality.

Grab these four Shlohmo (pictured) remixes for free here.

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