Nov 18, 2013
Azari & III Breaks Up, Hints At New Project

Canadian house outfit Azari & III is officially a thing of the past as an announcement came last night stating that the group is dissolving, but has a new project in the works.

Alphonse Alixander Lanza III (III), serving as the voice of the “art project,” spoke last night via Facebook, announcing that their most recent EP, appropriately named Extinction Event, signified the end for the foursome.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the art project known as AZARI & III has done its work, run its course and is, for all intents and purposes, a momentary blip in time, now forever imprinted on the Universe. Our recent EP entitled “Extinction Event” was just that, an extinguishing of the flame and a bird into the fire of blissful, eternal oblivion. It was heaven, it was hell, and I wouldn’t take it back if I could. Now comes the Aeon of the Phoenix, which rises from the flames impervious. Long live the new flesh.

From what we can gather from the cryptic message, some or all of A & III will be forming Aeon of the Phoenix. Check back for more info on this new project from some of electronic music’s most artistic souls.

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