Feb 16, 2012
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome
Dillon Francis - Falling Up (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Dillon Francis - Now Hear This (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Dillon Francis & Kill The Noise - Dill The Noise (Original Mix) [OWSLA]

Dillon Francis’ new EP titled Something, Something, Awesome just dropped, satisfying the LA prodigy’s much anticipated arrival onto OWSLA Records. The EP is expectedly playful in nature, but more importantly it shows that Dillon’s got some serious bass antics up his sleeve, which is what earned him a spot on the young but much-acclaimed label.

Something, Something, Awesome kicks off with Falling Up, but before I get into it let me take this moment to personally ask Dillon if it’s an ode to a Shel Silverstein book. Anyhow, the tune is a monster, showcasing Dillon’s growth in melody and production, especially in some of those washed out synths. Pure killer. The second track on the release is Now Hear This, which is appropriately named as it manages to steal the show on what is already a standout EP. Dillon pushes the limits of his basslines and composition, giving us a track that can dominate a dancefloor in the dirtiest sets while still being backed by that signature DilFran melody. The last tune on the release, Dill The Noise, is a collaboration with… wait for it… Kill The Noise. It’s clear that both artists are throwing their sounds into the melting pot here, and while the resulting track stands tall as a massive choon, I wish it had a bit more of a clear-cut sound from the two.

It’s crazy to see how some artists rise so far so quickly and it seems like Dillon Francis is smack dab in the middle of that process right now. The man is on a rocket to the moon, which can only mean one thing for us as fans and listeners: more amazing, revolutionary music.

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