Oct 03, 2014
Avicii’s ‘Doing Better And Better,’ Drops New Single ‘The Days’
Avicii - The Days (Original Mix) [PRMD]

For the first time since he was forced to cancel all upcoming performances, Avicii has spoken about his growing health concerns.

In an interview with Billboard, the 25-year-old superstar addressed his gaunt appearance and the removal of his gallbladder and appendix.

“Since my operation, I’d just been going and going…I was dropping weight. I needed to take a break… I took a month off [after my surgery], but it wasn’t really a month off. I was in the studio 12 hours a day, and then went right back to touring. It’s hard to say no in this industry. You want to play everything and be everywhere.”

Earlier this year, Avicii was forced to cancel his headlining slot at Ultra Music Festival, which was filled by deadmau5.

Avicii admitted that his recent time off has helped him recover:

I’m going to try to slow it down. Taking a break was the absolute best thing I’ve done. I’m doing better and better.”

In the interim, the Swedish sensation has unveiled his newest single, The Days, a plucky, guitar-driven pop tune featuring guest vocals from Robbie Williams. It’s the first track from his sophomore album, set to release in spring 2015. From the sound of things, it’s a surefire crossover hit.

Pick up The Days on Beatport here.

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