Jan 18, 2011
Avicii Strikes Again
Avicii - Street Dancer (Original Mix)
Avicii - Seek Bromance (Digital LAB & Pedro Henriques 2011 Remake)

Well it looks like my Bromance with Avicii is going to continue well into 2011. Already spinning an elusive, unreleased set of tracks sure to blow your mind, the first of his arsenal for 2011 has finally made it into our hands.

Street Dancer has once again shown what Avicii is best at–making unadulterated hits and blurring genre lines. This track is part funk, part prog, part tech, and part house anthem. It takes the best of all of the worlds of EDM and combines them into one deadly track that everyone will be dying to hear no matter what show they’re at. A bit darker than his previous releases, this seems to be a trend for him in 2011 given the in-set listens we’ve gotten of upcoming singles Jailbait and Bad Things.

We’ve also got for you a spectacular remix of Seek Bromance by Digital LAB and Pedro Henriques that takes the original and turns it into a tension-building crowd smasher with a bit of breakbeat thrown in for good measure. Suffice it to say, if there is an Avicii bandwagon, we’re on it. Stay tuned, because when his next releases drop, you’ll be hearing them on LessThan3.

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