Dec 09, 2013
Avicii Adores Americana In ‘Hey Brother’

Avicii’s next tribute to Americana comes in the form of his new video for Hey Brother, an emotional tale of two young men growing up in the ’50s and ’60s who end up separated forever by the Vietnam War.

The dramatic video runs on imagery of fine American traditions like bicycles, fireflies, and sparklers juxtaposed against combat motorcycles, gunfire, and explosions for a harrowing reminder of what brave citizens have faced in the name of protecting our culture over the years.

As it turns out, the older brother is actually the dad… and Avicii is actually the younger brother… which is quite surprising considering he grew up in Sweden, and they don’t tend to play baseball… or support US policy in Vietnam whatsoever… we kid. But seriously, Avicii, if you wanted to be an American, all you had to do was ask… some American girl to marry you.

Enjoy the finely done video below, and pick up True, including Hey Brother, here.

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