Jan 27, 2016
Autograf Energizes Seafret’s ‘Wildfire’
Seafret - Wildfire (Autograf Remix)

Wasting no time after the release of their stunning reboot of The Temptations, production trio Autograf lends their unique blend of house and future bass to folksy UK duo Seafret’s Wildfire.

Built on ambient chords and buoyant drum beats, the remix is a complete reinvention of the original’s acoustic melody. A layer of synths cover the track’s melancholy vocals, while smooth bass fuels an uptempo chorus. Firmly established in their ability to bring a soothing-yet-danceable energy to their music, the boys of Autograf once again prove they can meld any genre to fit their taste.

No word on a release date for the remix, but look out for Autograf on their Metaphysical tour.

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