Oct 27, 2014
Autograf Goes Deep With ‘Unbreakable’ Remix
Dirty South - Unbreakable (Autograf Remix) [Astralwerks]

Chicago-based Autograf has gone one deeper with an incredible new remix of Dirty South‘s Unbreakable.

Autograf is known for putting dark and impressive flips on tracks by Pharrell, Lorde, and many more. Embodying the sound of late nights and early mornings, this awesome remix of Dirty South’s Unbreakable places a deep twist on the track with a filthy bassline and plucking synths. This is the first issue of their “Future Nites” series. They say the series is a mixture or remixes and originals for their new live performance:

… as we’ve been building a studio in the backyard and developing our new live show, we wanted to start this new “Future Nites” series of remixes and originals with an eye on creating music for these live performances.

They also say they’ve added a marimba to their set, which they’ve been sure to incorporate into the Unbreakable remix. Be sure to pick up Autrograf’s remix of Dirty South’s Unbreakable on Beatport.

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