Sep 15, 2011
Audio Killed the Disco Star
Justice - AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO (Video Edit) [Ed Banger]

The title track of Justice’s forthcoming album album, AUDIO, VIDEO, DISCO, is a foreshadowing of the sound we’ll be hearing on October 25th when the French duo’s new album drops (tracklist here). Member Xavier de Rosnay describes the album as “lighter, daytime music” in opposition to the darker, more aggressive Cross. The track itself is a fast paced, jumpy, piano-fueled track with Xavier’s vocals repeating the mantra “audio, audio, audio, video, disco” to a complex major/minor chord progression, featuring live drums, heavy guitar riffs, and plenty of signature Justice-style organ and piano samples. The breakdown in the track features a build of vocals and piano that brings it back into a full sized chorus, filled with instrumentation and harmony. Justice has definitely diversified their sound, and with it they bring themselves into a new age of electro house. They’re making the music they want to make, and it sounds awesome.

The video for the track (see below), directed by Ed Banger Records art director So-Me, is a tour through a fantastical imaginary studio where Xavier and Gaspard are seen recording the track, seamlessly flowing from room to room and one instrument to another. This shiny, polished video goes along with the beauty of this simple, yet full track. If this is a sample of what is to come, I am very, very excited.

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