Feb 21, 2013
Audio Jacker Has What It Takes
Audio Jacker - You Got It (Bobby's Groove) (Original Mix) [Tasty]
Audio Jacker - You Got It (Bobby's Groove) (Dub Mix) [Tasty]

There’s a reason that disco will forever be known as an influential genre of music. The funk, soul and Latin influences melted together to form a dance oriented style that took the floors by storm. Well, a groovy producer from Manchester by the name of Audio Jacker is here to bring you back to a time of bell bottoms and platform shoes. His new release on Tasty Recordings is called You Got It (Bobby’s Groove).

Incorporating disco samples into a percussion-driven soundscape is exactly what has been accomplished. Distortion-less guitars, organic basslines and strings flood the dancefloor and keep you moving until the track finishes. The vocals in the mix keep the disco vibe flowing, but if you aren’t digging the vocals, there’s a dub mix as well. Snatch You Got It (Bobby’s Groove) on Beatport today for a blast from the past.

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