Sep 11, 2015
Audien Releases His Major Label Debut EP, ‘Daydreams’
Audien - Rooms (Original Mix) [Astralwerks]
Audien feat. RUMORS - Monaco (Original Mix) [Astralwerks]
Audien feat. Voyageur - Pharaohs (Original Mix) [Astralwerks]

Small-town boy turned dance music star Audien’s Daydreams EP feels like a successful destination point reached after seven years of hits and a Grammy nomination. Dominated by bright pop chords and superior song construction, the collection of four diverse and grooving electro pop heaters is a winner.

Country superstars Lady Antebellum are the surprise vocal standouts here, as Something Better excels in transposing everything that drives guitar and violin-powered country to the top of the charts and replaces it with synth-driven melodies definitely more in line with the not-so-square dancefloor. The country group’s lead singer Hillary Scott provides a top line that for what it lacks in twang surprises with impressive power.

Rooms has a chilling feel and highlights Audien’s skill at developing melodies. Minor and very major key chord progressions are to the front here, which, coupled with a cascade of hyperactive kicks showcases Audien’s desire to really showcase his ability to build a well-developed and ear-worming pop track.

Monaco features RUMORS on vocals and he does a fine job handling the top-line vocal. Booming kicks and 8-bit synths combine here to create an uplifting progressive anthem that is definitely worthy of deeper exploration.

Pharaohs aims for a tribal essence, but Voyageur’s sonorous, yet not-so bass heavy vocal takes the overall feel of the production out of that head space. When the trap drop comes in, this track goes from having this potential far left-of-field for Audien vibe to just being an attempt at combining a number of movements in the festival scene and weaving them together with his own creative vision as the tie. It’s an audacious effort, and if remixed could definitely have some life as a must-rinse festival banger.

Purchase Audien’s excellent EP Daydreams here.

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