Sep 07, 2011
Attack The Train, And Your Ears
By Moe
Drivepilot - Money (Original Mix)
The Mastertrons - Attack the Train (Drivepilot Remix) [Shake Your Ass]

Nick Edwards is Drivepilot, trash electro producer and label owner that likes to go a little harder than your typical electro act. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, currently based in Portland in the U.S. of A, Drivepilot boasts a large number of tracks under his belt, releasing primarily on his own label, Traction Records. No stranger to distortion, his tracks are dancefloor destroyers, incorporating grinding leads that are deliciously meaty and mind-meltingly heavy.

Drivepilot is an artist that doesn’t like to be confined to a single genre or tempo. Regularly, the raw power of Drivepilot is translated into dubstep mayhem, with builds and drops to match the madness of his electro productions. These tracks can range from a twisted intepretation of a 130bpm peak time banger, like his remix of Attack the Train by The Mastertrons, to a slower, heavy-hitting 110bpm juggernaut of noise, like original track Money.

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