Apr 20, 2013
Yin, Yang, & Ashley Wallbridge
Ashley Wallbridge - Yin-Yang (Original Mix) [Garuda]

British producer Ashley Wallbridge has spent the past few years firmly establishing himself as a major player in the EDM scene. His biggest tracks to date have included Mansion and DUI, both collaborations with Gareth Emery, and his latest release sees him return to Emery’s Garuda label.

Yin-Yang is a mix of uplifting and big room trance, but while many tracks fit that description, this takes it much deeper. The big-room style with added spoonfuls of progressive house is present throughout–the pounding straight groove, the crazy dubstep-esque bass sounds and the 8-bit synth motifs. The breakdowns act as a balance–the subtle musical moments which are completely different but bring the track together. The synth riff which evolves throughout the track has a distinct ’80s feel to it and is reminiscent of Michael Cassette or even Daft Punk. Whereas many uplifting breaks evoke a “hands in the air” response from a crowd, this one is designed to keep them dancing and is a clever example of not relying on just the beat to keep a track moving.

Yin-Yang is out now on Beatport.