Nov 27, 2013
Arty Shows Us An Eerie Sci-Fi ‘Flashback’

Arty takes us on an eerie space odyssey to the dark side of the moon in the video for Flashback, his latest single on Anjunabeats (out now on Beatport). Far more conceptual than most music videos that we see on a regular basis, the clip contains a crucial back story that’s tough to read in the first few frames of the video, which is why we’ve reprinted it here:

In 2017, scientists discovered a new kind of energy radiation. It came from the several planets of the solar system, and its closest source was situated on the dark side of the moon.
An expedition was sent there to learn more about the signal. Soon after, the connection with the astronauts was lost. Information about failed mission and its participants was immediately classified by the government.
The official announcement stated that the entire expedition died due to the life support system failure. But one member of the crew managed to survive…

Relive this harrowing experience with the surviving crew member below, if you dare…

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