Nov 20, 2013
Arty, Matisse & Sadko Spark A ‘RIOT’
Arty, Matisse & Sadko - RIOT (Preview) [Spinnin]

Putting the finishing touches on an already stellar year, Arty joined forces with Russian instigators Matisse & Sadko for a massive mainstage melee, titled RIOT.

The extended preview boasts a bold intro and a double-hitching build, offering fans plenty of reason to go wild well into the final days of 2013 following its release Dec. 16 on Spinnin.

The track shares more than a few similarities with an energy-charged little banger by the name of Hi Scandinavia from Matisse & Sadko a few years back. They even share an identical lead melody in their main sections, so it’s possible M&S decided to revisit this one with the added flair and fresh ears of Arty. Pick this one up Dec. 16 when Spinnin sets it loose everywhere.

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