Mar 13, 2014
Armin Van Buuren Returns To His Roots In Wax & Trance
Gaia - Empire Of Hearts (Original Mix) [Armind]

Nowadays you’ll see Armin Van Buuren plugging a USB stick or an SD card into the decks before a performance, but this week he reconnected with his vinyl beginnings by getting very up close and personal with some wax–and a lot of wax, at that.

Curators at Madame Tussauds have spent months creating an exact wax replica of one of the world’s biggest DJs, and now Armin has come face-to-face with the near-finished result. With finishing touches such as hair color still to be applied, a date for the public display of his statue is yet to be announced, but appearing alongside life-size approximations of some of the biggest musicians in the world, it’s another surefire sign that EDM really is taking over.

While he might not be reaching for the wax in his sets any more, Armin has shown that he’s still in touch with his musical roots by rejuvenating his Gaia alias. Empire Of Hearts is out now on Armind. Uplifting yet modern, it also shows that Armin has many sides, which is probably why they’re trying to immortalize just one.

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