Aug 17, 2014
Armada Announces New Sub-Labels
Compact Grey - S.A.Y. (Original Mix) [Armada Deep]

Armada has announced three new sub-labels as part of their ever-expanding roster: one entirely fresh creation, and two re-brands of existing labels.

Armada Deep has been formed from an amalgamation of Electronic Elements, Black Book Audio and M Recordings, and will cater to the deep house edge of the brand. Captivating Sounds has become Armada Captivating, and TRICE Recordings has become Armada Trice. Armada CEO Maykel Piron said of the move, “Due to the digital age we currently live in, it makes sense to operate with fewer imprints and communicate Armada in a broader way. Obviously we will also remain focused on artist labels.”

Each label will be releasing their first tracks on Sept. 1, with all three available to pre-order now. Armada Deep presents Compact Grey’s S.A.Y, Armada Captivating has David Gravell’s The Last Of Us and Armada Trice rounds things off with Arston’s Circle Track.

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