Apr 02, 2015
April Fools! The Best Pranks From The Electronic Music World

April 1 is always home to a host of devious pranks from all walks of life, and dance music is no exception. This year the electronic music world was more mischievous than ever, so here’s our collection of the best practical jokes that (nearly) had us going.

YouTube Goes Sandstorm Crazy

Darude’s seminal hit Sandstorm has become something of a running gag over the past few years, with the track being given as the answer to millions of “what’s the song?” comments. For a few brief hours, Sandstorm really did become the soundtrack to every YouTube video, with a “Play Music” button providing a quick burst of the 1999 classic. To top things off, the track even wormed its way into YouTube’s search suggestions….

Darude - Sandstorm

Above & Beyond Split Up.

It seemed pretty obvious that this one was a wind-up, but there were a few gasps when Jono announced news of his departure from the trio this morning. As predicted, it was all just a ruse, but it had a few imagining the unthinkable future of Above & Beyond as a lonely duo.

Paris Plays Creamfields

Hot off the news of her third residency in Ibiza this coming summer (not an April Fools), Cream announced news that everyone’s favourite celebrity DJ would be gracing the main stage at the UK’s biggest dance festival. Fortunately for Creamfields fans, the news isn’t true, and the closest Paris will get to a Cream event this year is if she turns up to Amnesia on the wrong day of the week…

Paris Hilton - Creamfields

Seth Troxler Teams Up With Martin Garrix

The photo is seemingly genuine, but the backstory of Seth and Martin’s collab is of course a hoax. It’s nice to see two very different DJ’s co-conspiring for a prank–we can only imagine what the result would have sounded like.

Troxler & Garrix Prank

Claptone Unmasked!

The true identity of the elusive German producer was finally revealed today, as none other than actor/DJ and potential future-James Bond, Idris Elba. Of course, it isn’t actually true, with Claptone free to keep his anonymity, and Elba gaining another unfounded rumour to follow him around.

Claptone vs. Elba

Sasha Collabs With Avicii

One of the all-time greats took to Twitter today to reveal a special guest in his studio. We hate to break it to him, but Sasha should probably stick to producing, as his Photoshop skills–and Avicii’s rather disconnected looking head–gave this one away pretty easily!

Avicii vs. Sasha

deadmau5 Goes Lounge

It wouldn’t be April Fools without a deadmau5 prank, and this year he unveiled a brand-new track, Weekend At Meowningtons. It’s certainly a change of pace and style, and thankfully it’s probably just a one off! Check it out here.

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