Feb 04, 2013
Applescal’s Melodic Dreams
Applescal - Thanks For Fun (Original Mix) [Atomnation]
Applescal - El Diablo (Live Version) [Atomnation]
Applescal - Onetasker (Original Mix) [Atomnation]

Launch away from the mainstream and into the realm of intelligent dance music and you’ll land amongst the likes of Applescal. An up-and-coming producer from the Netherlands, his music draws influence from the territories of both techno and electronica. Dreaming In Key marks Applescal’s fourth album, and with releases on Traum Schallplatten, Manual Music, and RTFKT Collective, the talent behind him is not unrecognized.

Thanks For Fun is emotional, rousing thoughts of lost youth and love. The build up signifies that glimmer of hope–the drive to propel forward. El Diablo receives an accolade as the standout track; it must be that downbeat but electro-influenced lead synth, or the breakbeat-filled breakdown; either way, it flows quickly into an energetic and club-suited affair. Onetasker is akin to a dream and goes deep into the psyche, moving effortlessly through a period of wind chime-filled calm into a tumultuous finalé that ends a slumber. Dreaming In Key is an excursion that may be enjoyed both in bite-size tracks or holistically as an album. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Applescal and his distinctive sound.

Order the release from Applescal’s own label Atomnation here.

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