Apr 26, 2015
Apple Watch Users Can DJ On The Go

As verdict for the Apple Watch’s practicality continues to roll-in, users will be surprised to learn that among the many apps that can be used with the watch, an app to DJ is one of them.

As originally reported by Engadget, an app called Djay by Algoriddim allows Apple Watch owners to browse their iTunes library and sync tunes to a deck where they can then mix a few tracks. Some other features the app offers is a crossfader, the ability to loop tracks, and a few audio FX to give a more realized DJ experience. Djay’s functionality is limited at the moment and not yet available as a stand-alone app for the watch, which means that watch users have to update their software via Djay 2 for iOS from another iDevice.

Watch Algoriddim’s video about the app below and get the full details at their website here.

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