Sep 23, 2014
Apple Sparks Rumours Over Future Of Beats Music

Despite reports to the contrary, Apple claims it isn’t shutting down the recently acquired Beats Music streaming service, according to Apple’s PR rep Tom Neumayr, who simply stated the reports are “not true.”

The stage has been set, however, for more online conjecture over the future of the brand, as no further details have been given and various media outlets continue to cite unnamed sources within the company.

When Apple purchased Beats Audio for $3 billion back in May, speculation was rife over how the on-demand side of the company would sit alongside Apple’s industry-dominating iTunes retail service. Aligning streaming with music retail would certainly make sense, with Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers having recently been placed in charge of iTunes Radio–which is already beating the likes of Spotify when it comes to market share in online streaming.

For now though, we’ll just have to wait and see exactly how Apple intend to integrate Beats Audio into their existing products, while the online rumour-mill continues to go into inevitable overdrive.

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