Nov 21, 2014
Apple To Bundle Beats Music With Every iPhone

Apple plans to bundle the Beats Music app as a standard feature of iOS, with suggestions from Apple insiders that Beats could become a core part of the iPhone software as early as Mar. 2015.

Since acquiring the Beats brand for $3 billion earlier this year, there has been much speculation surrounding Apple’s intentions regarding the Beats streaming service. Despite rumours to the contrary, Apple has repeatedly denied any suggestions that they intend to shut down the service, with this latest move the strongest hint yet that Beats is indeed here to stay.

While iTunes has a massive share of the music downloads market, Beats is still a minor player in the ever growing and much talked-about streaming market and Apple is keen to find a balance between the two. It’s certainly clear from Apple’s decision to place the Beats app on the front page of iOS–an un-deletable icon alongside iTunes and Podcasts–that the company is keen to use their $3 billion purchase to capitalize on a market that is potentially worth many billions more.

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