Aug 28, 2013
App Awareness: Timbre Puts Local Concerts In Your Hands

If you’re looking to change up the way you discover music, why not start locally? Timbre, a location-based music discovery app, helps you streamline the process of finding concerts in your area. Try it for free in the app store!

Open the app, and click on the Timbre icon to browse nearby concerts. You’ll be taken to a beautifully sleek screen listing all of the artists performing in the area. Click on an artist to see concert details and hear previews of their music. Bonus: If you have Spotify Premium, you can hear full tracks while you click through the artist’s concert information. As Timbre puts it, “Turn your city into an infinite playlist.”

Buying a ticket is easy and can be done from within the app. If you want to save a concert listing for later, you can do that too. In your settings, you can decide which location you want to use, your search radius, and whether or not to automatically play songs (although it makes for a cooler experience, you may want to turn this setting off if you’re trying to be sneaky at work!).

What makes Timbre special is its simple interface. You aren’t inundated with information or functionality you don’t want. The only thing you are inundated with is an abundance of artists to choose from. Timbre offers more concert listings across more genres than your average app.

Timbre is the latest hack by Cambridge-based developers Intrepid Pursuits. It’s powered by the JamBase concert database, and integrated with iTunes, Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter. Your weekend just got a lot more interesting.

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