Oct 10, 2013
App Awareness: TastemakerX 2.0 Is A Whole New App

For those of you who remember TastemakerX as the app that gamifies music listening by using street cred to incentivize music curation, you may be surprised by their 2.0 version. Not only did they reimagine the entire interface (which, by the way, is only compatible with iOS 7 for efficiency), but they also reimagined the entire premise of the app. Check it out for free in the app store!

TastemakerX 2.0 aims to bring together social media, news, live events, and (of course) music to turn people on to new artists. You can sign up using your Facebook account and start collecting. Each artist’s page will have information from their Twitter feed, news articles, concert information (powered by Songkick), Instagram photos, YouTube videos, SoundCloud releases, and reviews. With so many services for bands and musicians, TastemakerX provides a solution for fans who want to be as updated as possible on their favorite artists.

The element of music street cred is still retained to some degree, as users who follow an artist earlier are more likely to be listed as a “Top Fan.” Some lucky users will even be listed under TastemakerX’s “Top Followed Fans” and “Trending Fans.” You can tell a lot about the app’s users based on the top collected artists, which are mostly indie bands.

The folks behind TastemakerX have really proven their ability to pivot in a rapidly changing music app market. The app’s new sleek design and simple interface will be able to bring in a wider range of users than ever before.