Aug 07, 2013
App Awareness: Take A Music Lesson from Ear Wizard

Hey non-musicians: here’s an app that you can enjoy just as much as the musicians. Ear Wizard, a new app by Wizdom Music, helps you train your musical ear and memory—except it won’t feel anything like the music lessons you might remember from childhood, and it’s free.

For starters, your instructor is a funny little wizard man with a long white beard. In the beginning, learning chords will be easy: you’ll have only the notes in the chord to choose from, and you will see and hear which note is being played before being asked to repeat a pattern. Over time, these helpers fade away and you’ll have just the note’s name and sound to help you learn. New notes will also be added to the screen. The app’s interactivity makes it easy to conceptualize chords without first having to learn all the keys on a piano or strings on a guitar.

If you’re already a musician, you might appreciate this app as a fun game that puts your ear to the test. Its quirky interface is sure to keep you entertained, and it includes a built-in chord reference guide, should you get a little rusty.

Ear Wizard is only the latest app in a line of award-winning music apps from Wizdom Music. Once Ear Wizard makes you a better musician, you may be interested in trying MorphWiz, SampleWiz, Geo Synthesizer, or Tachyon. Whether you’re just testing your memory or interested in learning the basics of music, this game is sure to help you kill some time.

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