Jul 17, 2013
App Awareness: musiXmatch’s iOS 3.0 Release Makes You A Lyrics Pro

If you’re the kind of person who likes to sing along to your favorite songs, then you’ll be happy to know that musiXmatch is back with their new iOS 3.0 version, designed specifically for the iPad. The musiXmatch app displays lyrics to all of your favorite songs using the company’s own Lyrics API, which benefits from the world’s largest licensed lyrics database. Best of all, the app is free.

When you first run the app, you’ll see a message along the lines of, “We’re empowering all your songs with lyrics right now!” The app will run through every song in your music library and match them with lyrics. If that doesn’t make you feel empowered, try listening to a song. Lyrics will scroll up the screen in time with the music. If the app doesn’t recognize a song (which is rare), you can try syncing again, add the lyrics manually, or report incorrect lyrics. Perhaps the coolest feature is the listening feature. If you hear a song on the radio, you can tap the listening button to identify the song, then display lyrics instantly. If that doesn’t work, search for the song based on whatever lyrics you can make out.

From a design perspective, the app is intuitive and pleasing to look at. It displays your music much like the music library you already have installed on your device. Turn your device sideways for a full-screen view of album art and scrolling lyrics. Swipe to the right to check out other tracks you can buy from the same artist. Tap the heart to favorite a song, or hit the share button to share on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

MusiXmatch is now available in the Apple, Google Play, Microsoft, and Spotify app stores, so go wild. Just remember: if you’re wearing headphones, don’t start singing out loud, no matter how much the app makes you want to. You may get a few funny looks.