Aug 14, 2013
App Awareness: Music Sounds Better With Jukely

If you’ve ever had the problem of wanting to go to a concert with someone but not knowing which artists you have in common (or how to invite them), Jukely may be able to help you.

Download Jukely for free in the iPhone app store and try it out. As the app loads, you get a glimpse of their charming tagline, “Music sounds better with you”. Aww, thanks Jukely. You too.

Your home screen will show you all of the concerts happening in your area. You can choose to see concerts by date, by what Jukely thinks you’ll like, or by syncing one of your other music app accounts. If you use Facebook, Spotify, Rdio,, SoundCloud, or Hype Machine, syncing is the easiest way to discover concerts you’ll like.

Once you find a concert you might be interested in, you can sample the artist to see if you like their music. If you link your credit card to your Jukely account, it will take you two seconds to pay for tickets. You start off with $10 credit, and you earn credit as you invite friends. But this still doesn’t solve the problem of who you will go with. Lucky for you, Jukely makes it easy to invite people and see which favorite artists you have in common.

Jukely seems to still be in its early stages, but it shows a lot of promise. Although it only shows concerts for New Yorkers right now, they’re willing to make non-New Yorkers a deal: invite your friends, and your city may be next.

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