Sep 25, 2013
App Awareness: Musaic Adapts To iOS 7

iOS 7 has shaken up the app world with a whole new redesign, and many of your favorite apps are following suit. A few days ago, Musaic released their 1.5 version, with the main difference being that it is fully compatible with the new operating system. But this isn’t the only reason you should try Musaic–the user experience is simple, straight-forward, and visually appealing. Try it for free in the app store.

As its name suggests, Musaic is a “mosaic” of songs from SoundCloud, Rdio, and Spotify cleverly brought to you by other users. It’s the kind of app that you’ll use to discover your new favorite track and create mixes, or as Musaic calls them, “Jams”, with your friends. Don’t have any friends? When you first start using the app, you won’t suffer from an empty newsfeed, since you’ll automatically follow Musaic’s featured users (who are usually musicians, DJs, and the like).

It’s useful if you have a Spotify Premium account or a Rdio Unlimited account, because you can log in from within the app. With premium accounts, you can hear more than the allowed 30-second sample from your home feed. Anything hosted on SoundCloud, however, is free and full-length. To see a list of everything you’ve listened to and everything that’s coming up, drag the entire screen up. In the meantime, while you’re exploring, songs will continue to play seamlessly.

Musaic is the product of Scott Vener, music supervisor of HBO’s Entourage and music curator for the new MySpace. It will be interesting to see how his music discovery approach measures up against other apps vying for the top spot in this arena.