May 08, 2015
Aphex Twin Gives Away 200+ SoundCloud Uploads
Aphex Twin - Autumn Travels
Aphex Twin - Cornish Spreek (St. Nectan S Glen Waterfalls Mix)
Aphex Twin - Ibiza Spliff

Aphex Twin had both a trick and a treat in store for his fans this week.

First, the Grammy-winning producer changed the name of his SoundCloud account from ‘user48736353001′ to ‘Caustic Window’ and moved all of his tracks over to a new secondary account, ‘8user48736353001′. Next, he up and deleted his entire music catalogue from SoundCloud, leaving only the all-caps message, “I AM NOT RICHARD.”

Luckily for fans, the songs aren’t gone. The account has posted a direct download link to a folder containing all 207 tracks, as well as accompanying artwork.

Grab your free download here. Listen to 2014’s Grammy-winning album, Syro, here.