May 12, 2014
Aphex Twin’s ‘Caustic Window’ Raises Over $67,000 on Kickstarter

Remember how that previously unreleased Aphex Twin album was going to be crowdfunded through Kickstarter? Well, the campaign has come to a close, and it proved to be far more successful than anyone anticipated.

Originally recorded in 1994, The Caustic Window Album LP was conceived by Richard D. James for his Caustic Window alias, and was planned for release on his label Rephlex Records. The album never saw the light of day, but its legend lived on due to the existence of a small handful of test pressings that were never made available to the public. Supposedly, only four of James’ associates held copies of the album, which made its appearance on the music website Discogs even more confusing.

The mysterious seller originally listed the album for $13,500, but after some negotiation with Rephlex Records, dropped the price to $8,368 (or £5000). Rephlex, along with the Aphex Twin fan forum We Are The Music Makers, then created a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $9,300 needed to purchase the album from the seller and distribute digital copies to those who donated. Over 4,000 fans flocked to Kickstarter and collectively raised $67,424, far exceeding the initial goal of 500 backers.

For their contributions, each backer will receive a digital download of the album ripped straight from the LP. According to the Kickstarter page, “The record will be shipped within the UK directly to someone who will use high-quality equipment to rip the vinyl and produce the most pristine quality digital audio tracks in a lossless format.”

The physical copy will be auctioned on eBay, with the proceeds from the sale being split between Rephlex Records, Aphex Twin, and the 4,124 contributors. We Are The Music Makers will also get a cut, and have decided to donate their share to charity.

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