Jul 13, 2014
‘Rise Up’ With Anry
Anry - Rise Up (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]

Russian newcomer Anry has returned to Enhanced for another progressive trance anthem, this time in the shape of Rise Up, and with support from some big names, it’s yet more evidence this guy knows how to kick out a tune.

Rise Up has something of a timeless feel about it, with the whole track tied together by that classic plucked riff, the rough-yet-groovy bassline and the massive pads in the break. It’s one of those tracks that carefully bridges that ever-changing gap between uplifting, progressive and big room trance, and as a result, will work in a wide variety of sets for a long time–something which is always very difficult to achieve as a producer.

Anry is another of those totally enigmatic trance producers, with no photo and very little info available on the Internet, but if he keeps kicking out tracks like this, that should be enough on its own. Rise Up is out now on Enhanced Progressive as a Beatport Exclusive.

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