Dec 28, 2013
Another ‘Slam’ From Bjorn Akesson
Bjorn Akesson - Slam! (Original Mix) [FSOE]

As anyone who’s ever had the chance to play around with a synthesiser will tell you, it’s a mighty addictive experience, and before long you’re getting into “this sound is unusual” territory. That’s exactly where Swedish producer Bjorn Akesson has gone with his latest release, and much like his previous work, it’s pushing the boundaries of what trance is about.

Slam! is another piece of dark and driving prog trance with hints of uplifting and a slightly techy feel. It’s another juxtaposition of various styles of EDM that is refreshingly creative. The creative synth work in question comes as a result of the lead melody–slightly unnerving, pretty unusual, but damn catchy. Working alongside the hooky little pluck sounds that complement their strange leader, the track makes for a tight package which should appeal to a wide range of DJs and EDM fans alike.

Slam! feels perfectly at home on Future Sound Of Egypt, a label Bjorn has a long standing with, perhaps because both parties are always keen to push the envelope. Grab it now on Beatport.

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