Apr 17, 2012
Another Serving of Rustie, Please
SebastiAn - Love In Motion (Rustie Remix) [Ed Banger]

French artist SebastiAn released the first single from his debut album, Love in Motion, back in the spring of 2011. A few months later, California bass champion Skrillex reworked the tune into an heavier, formant-charged dubstep edit, albeit slightly attenuated compared to the smelting smashers that he is typically known for. Nevertheless, both the original edit of Love in Motion and its Skrillex remix were well received and the song has remained an integral part of many DJ sets for the better part of 2011. Now the Glasgow sensation Rustie, known for his prodigious remixes and original productions alike, has decided to give Love in Motion a rub like only he can for the illustrious Ed Banger Records.

Without the unmistakably compelling Mayer Hawthorne vocal, Rustie’s remix of Love in Motion is a completely different tune from either of its previous versions. Rustie has transformed the tune into a house/nu-disco mixture, with various parts of the remix adhering to the typical four-on-the-floor kick pattern. For the chorus, Rustie has crafted a funky piano chord progression that is filled with vivacious rhythm and soul. The progression mingles perfectly with the pop vocals and dirty, distorted bass stabs while constantly building to a crescendo. Rustie has shown his adept drum programming skills, blending triplet and 1/64th note hi-hat patterns effortlessly.

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