Dec 14, 2013
Another Monster ‘Blackout’
Allen Watts - Blackout (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]

There’s something rather comforting about the “underground” trance scene. It’s always familiar, yet there are always new and old faces, but the consistency is what makes it stand out. No where is this more true of late than labels like Monster Digital and producers like Allen Watts. There’s little information about him online, but there is plenty of evidence of his music, the latest of which is Blackout.

Blackout has all the usual trappings of the genre–a driving rhythm, a solid bassline, some big riffs, but there’s something special about it. Again, it’s that familiarity which is ever present. It’s not a similarity in the melody–there’s no resemblance to anything I’m aware of–it runs deeper than that. It lies in the way the track feels uplifting yet slightly dark–a big euphoric lift with a moody undertone to it. It’s trance that evokes a range of emotions, which is what the genre has always been about.

Blackout is out now on Beatport and firmly marks Allen Watts as one of the upcoming stars of uplifting trance.

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