Jun 11, 2014
Anna Lunoe Issues ‘Bass Drum Dealer’ EP
Anna Lunoe - Bass Drum Dealer (B.D.D.) (Original Mix) [Nest]
Anna Lunoe feat. Treasure Fingers - Bad MF (Original Mix) [Nest]

Anna Lunoe made her Nest debut this week with Bass Drum Dealer, a two-track EP mixed and mastered by Skrillex himself.

The LA-via-Sydney producer caught Skrillex’ attention during her Coachella debut on the Sahara stage back in April, not only with her lively, genre-bending set, but especially with one jungle-inspired track in particular. That track was Bass Drum Dealer (B.D.D.), which serves as an excellent introduction to Lunoe’s aggressive-yet-sexy style for the uninitiated.

It’s futile to try to pin either it or B-side Bad MF (a collaboration with Treasure Fingers) to any one genre; you’ll find signifiers of house, electro, acid techno and more careening head-on throughout these tunes, yet the overall package is remarkably fluid and cohesive. The biggest selling point, however, has got to be Lunoe’s devastatingly effective vocals, which imbue her tracks with a haunting sensuality that separates her from her peers.

Anna Lunoe’s Bass Drum Dealer EP is available for free via Nest HQ.

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