Apr 15, 2013
Angry Man On Mescaline
Angry Man - Mescaline (Original Mix) [Perfecto Fluoro]
Angry Man - Mescaline (Future Disciple Remix) [Perfecto Fluoro]

If you like your music fast, crazy and completely mental, then Angry Man is probably your thing. At the cutting edge of the current resurgence in psy-trance, this is a producer who lets his music do the talking. Little is known about who he is, with plenty of speculation as to who is behind the name. In reality of course, it shouldn’t matter, and his latest track is testament to this.

Mescaline is an unrelenting mix of the harder and psychedelic fringes of trance, but with production values which bring it right up to date. At 138BPM, it’s a far cry from the fast-paced psy-trance of the early 90’s, but still maintains the energy that made trance big in the first place. On the flip-side, Future Disciple provides a slower and moodier remix which still manages to capture the energy of the original.

Out now on Perfecto Fluoro, Mescaline is another step forward for psy-trance. Rumours about who is really behind Angry Man are irrelevant–with tracks like this on offer, it’s doesn’t matter who’s making them, just as long as they keep it up.

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