Dec 15, 2010
Anggry for Dubstep
Crystal Fighters - Follow (Roksonix Remix) [Zirkulo]
Crystal Fighters - Swallow (Angger Dimas Remix) [Zirkulo]
Crystal Fighters - Swallow (Angger Dimas Dubstep Remix) [Zirkulo]

The Crystal Fighters’ second remix EP dropped recently, bringing us some monstrous tracks from LessThan3 newcomer Roksonix (pictured) as well as Angger Dimas.

With only a handful of releases, all of which were this year, UK duo Roksonix has made quite the wobbly splash onto the scene with their massive tracks. Their remix of Follow by Crystal Fighters takes the eerily playful indie track, wobs it up, and spits out a Roksonix-branded dubstep masterpiece. It’s rare to see artists really “nail it” so early in their career, but this one is simply… it.

Found earlier on the release, we get not just one, but two fine remixes from up-and-comer Angger Dimas, one of which is a dubstep remix. Dimas’ remix of Swallow takes the dubstep-infused indie track and brings it fully to the dark side, adding a full serving of grit and some wild synths. Since Dimas typically releases house, I’m not surprised that he took this rare opportunity to drop some extra gnarly bass bombs on us here. This track keeps a 4/4 beat throughout most of it, but trust me… it’s sufficiently dubbed out.

The other Angger Dimas remix is a straight-up electro house bomb. It keeps a similar premise to his dubstep remix, but it seems like Dimas injected this one with a few too many energy drinks. The result is rampant, savage, and in your face. Played loud, this one will tear your and your neighbors’ foundations…DO IT!

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