Nov 24, 2011
Angels & Fairy Tales
Eximinds feat Aelyn - Fairy Tale (Original Mix) [Spring Tube]
Satoshi Fumi feat Aelyn - You Know (Original Mix) [Spring Tube]
The Madison & Simon J feat Aelyn - Angel (Willem de Roo Remix) [Enhanced]

Sincere vocals matter, and when it comes to deep vocal prog, it becomes absolutely critical in order to deliver that relaxing vibe. I’ve recently stumbled upon an exceptional singer from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, by the name of Alain Samoilenko. Going by her studio name Aelyn, her voice is as beautiful as her appearance.

The first Aelyn tune I heard was Fairy Tale by Russia’s Eximinds. Putting in a dark, humming bassline, the Moscow-based producer knew just the beats to compliment her vocals. Aelyn also recently worked with an excellent Japanese artist by the name of Satoshi Fumi to produce the passionate You Know. Lastly, I would like to share her trance tune Angel, remixed by 18 year-old Willem de Roo of the Netherlands and produced by fellow Ukranian The Madison and Italy’s Simon J, out now on Enhanced Progressive.

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