Feb 06, 2011
Angel Metrics
Alex Metric & Steve Angello - Open Your Eyes (Original Mix) [Positiva]

It’s been a while since we posted a SHM track, though after their domination of EDM with One and Miami 2 Ibiza last year, we knew it wouldn’t be long till another banger came our way. Today we’ve got a new hit from you courtesy of Steve Angello. Friends, get ready for something totally different from the producer you know and love. A collaboration between the mafia man and indie dance guru Alex Metric, Open Your Eyes is a truly remarkable blend of house and Metric’s signature indie rock vibes. I cant help but be amazed at how the world of music is continuously folding into EDM to produce some truly enjoyable new sounds.

We’ve often spoken about the pitfalls of artists from different genres collaborating on songs, with the most common issue being that the end product winds up sounding like two distinct tracks fighting each other. Let this track be an example of how great the result can be when both artists work closely with one another and explore their strengths together. This track does it all–house beats, dirty, guitar-like riffs, a super unique drop, beautiful melodies, and polish all around in every single bar. Jam packed with interesting surprises, Open Your Eyes is an evolving house rock masterpiece. I am thoroughly impressed.

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